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With hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, telemedicine, wisdom medical guide policy as the foundation, to the user demand as the core, build wisdom radiotherapy cloud platform system, customized personalized solutions for the user, from the network, standardization, digital three levels can assign medical service quality improvement, high quality medical resources efficient sinking and regional medical data center construction.

  • Standard Data Center

    According to user needs to establish standard data center, break the regional, system, data flow limit between equipment, to label, automation, structured data implementation across the center, many diseases, long cycle data application.

  • Regional Property Control Alliance

    Provides efficient management tools for regional quality control centers, provides guidance and suggestions for the majority of basic radiotherapy units, improves the quality of medical services, and establishes an advantageous clinical business brand.

  • Cloud radiotherapy medical consortium

    Establish a multi-level, multi-center cloud radiotherapy medical couplet body, power regional medical resources integration, can assign telemedicine, hierarchical diagnosis and treatment guide policy to the ground.