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·Signed a strategic cooperation agreement of 3 Billion RMB with Bank of Jiangsu

·Medical Electron Linear approved medical device registration certificate

·4D-Dose Verification System was specially approved for innovative medical devices of Jiangsu

·Oncology Information Management System approved medical device registration certificate

·X-ray Guided Positioning System approved medical device registration certificate

·Selected by the Ministry of industry and Information Technology and the State Administration of artificial intelligence medical device innovation task unveiling unit

·The largest single high-end radiotherapy equipment production base in Asia has been officially put into mass production

·"KylinRay" Project was selected as a major project of Jiangsu Province (strategic emerging industries)

·"KylinRay" Project was selected as a key project of Nanjing "Double Hundred Project"

·"KylinRay" Project was selected as a major economic and social planning project of Nanjing city

·Awarded as a potential unicorn enterprise in the National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone in southern Jiangsu province

·Headquarters moved to the state-level Nanjing Jiangbei New Area

·Awarded as "Cultivating unicorn enterprise" in Nanjing

·"KylinRay" technology innovation industrial park started

·Jointly build a clinical research base with Jiangsu Cancer Hospital

·Accurate Radiotherapy Treatment Planning System was approved by the medical device registration certificate

·"KylinRay" project has been settled in the state-level Jiangbei New Area of Nanjing

·Radiotherapy plan system was specially approved for national innovative medical devices

·Selected as the "top ten national radiation physics innovation progress"

Clinical research base was jointly built with the PLA General Hospital (301)

·"KylinRay" theoretical research results were selected into the second prize of "National Natural Science"

·Innovative technological achievements were selected as one of the top ten "China's major technological Progress"

·FDS Consortium established SuperAccuracy(AnHui) Science & Technology Co.,Ltd.

Initiated the establishment of the high-end radiotherapy industry innovation strategic alliance

Anhui Provincial Precision Radiation therapy Engineering technology Research Center was approved for establishment

Precision radiotherapy technology won the first prize of Science and Technology of Anhui Province

Established a precision radiotherapy research group to start research on basic and key technologies of radiotherapy

Starting from the original innovation, ploughing the theoretical basis of neutron and radiation transport