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4D-Dose Verification System (KylinRay-Dose4D) is based on high-resolution images generated by EPID, combined with advanced physical models and reconstruction algorithms, which can monitor the deviation of the actual dose received by the tumor and surrounding normal tissues from the planned dose during the whole treatment process, It has the functions of patient management, 2D/3D dose verification, physical modeling etc. The dose reconstruction method based on scattered ray characteristics has been developed, which provides technical guarantee for dose accuracy and curative effect of tumor accurate radiotherapy.

  • Convenient

    Support multiple evaluation methods such as gamma analysis and DVH analysis.

  • Efficient

    No need to formulate additional QA plans to directly complete the comparison and verification of three-dimensional radiation dose and planned dose during treatment.

  • Accurate

    3D dose reconstruction based on scattered ray features to achieve high-precision radiation dose verification.

  • Multidimensional

    Support 2D dose verification and 3D dose verification
    Record and view historical verification data of radiotherapy plans.