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Medical electron linear accelerator (KylinRay-MELAC) integrates various innovative technologies, including in vivo dose monitoring and guidance, multi-mode image guidance, multi-dimensional precision control of the beam, etc. It achieves high accuracy, high dose rate, high applicabillity for tumor radiotherapy. Combined with advanced clinical treatment modes, personalized and accurate treatment can be delivered for each patient, greatly improving the efficiency of tumor treatment while ensuring the efficacy of tumor radiotherapy.

  • Various treatment modes

    Supports intensity modulated radiotherapy, and image guidance Radiotherapy, etc.

  • High-speed ring gantry

    Significantly improves image positioning quality and treatment efficiency.

  • High-precision online verification

    Accurate online dose reconstruction, automatic comparison between in-vivo dose and plan dose, providing a reliable reference for adaptive plan optimization.

  • Digital control platform

    Automated machine quality control, greatly reducing repetitive workload.

  • Cloud-based radiotherapy

    In-hospital/inter-hospital cloud radiotherapy can be customized according to clinical requirement, helping to sink dominant medical resources.