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Radiotherapy information management system (KylinRay-OlMS) provides whole process of digital management for the radiotherapy center, including big data analysis of tumor, patient full-cycle health management, remote radiotherapy supporting, etc, which realizes the information interconnection, personnel interconnection and equipment interconnection of multiple radiotherapy centers, greatly improves the radiotherapy work efficiency and reduces the occurrence of radiotherapy accidents. KylinRay-OlMS has obtained the medical device registration certificate, which has been used in multiple well-known hospitals.

  • Smart Mobile Device Access

    With the B/S architecture, as long as the network is connected, the system can be accessed anytime and anywhere through terminals such as laptops, Pads, and mobile phones, enabling convenient access to information about patients and departments.

  • Customized

    All functions are customized according to the needs of users, and the charge management is tightly coupled with HIS, which unifies financial data and meets the requirements of the new policy.

  • Intelligent Whole-process Management

    Realize the paperless office of the whole process, support the deep integration with HIS/EMR/ medical technology appointment platform /CA signature, break the barrier of the information with other hospital systems, and meet the requirements of hospital electronic medical record rating and interconnection evaluation.

  • Intelligent Reservation and Queuing

    Intelligent full-process appointment. Support the appointment of modeling, positioning, reduction, and treatment; Support the self-service registration with ID card, medical card, bar code, and other ways, and reservation and fault information can be notified through SMS and WeChat.

  • Convenient WeChat Applet

    Doctor: Support online patient management, processing of pending tasks, and push of instant messages; Movable ward rounds can be realized, and patient information can be obtained at any time on business trips, which makes the management of patients more convenient and the arrangement of works more efficient.

  • Cloud Medical System /Medical Community

    Support the unified management of multiple hospitals, build a county-city-province integrated cloud medical system and community, facilitate the efficient sinking of superior medical resources, and promote the construction of hierarchical diagnosis and treatment.