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Advanced/Accurate Radiotherapy Treatment Planning System (KylinRay-TPSe) develops Anaytic-Monte Carlo hybrid dose calculation, intelligent multi-objective optimization and direct aperture optimization based on machine parameters. It supports flexible configuration according to clinical needs with options including Al Contouring, VMAT, SBRT, dlMRT, slMRT and 3D-CRT. It has completed hundreds of clinical trial and treatment cases in Chinese PLA General Hospital and other well-known hospitals. KylinRay-TPSe is the first treatment planning system which has been granted as National Innovative Medical Device and obtained the registration certificate qualified by National Medical Products Administration(NMPA).

  • Analytic-Monte Carlo hybrid dose calculation

    Leading world-first level.

  • Accurate human modeling

    A high-precision radiation virtual model has been constructed with physiological anatomical features of Asian people.

  • Intelligent multi-objective optimization

    Optimization with GPU parallel calculation,direct aperture optimization based on machine parameters.

  • Flat functional layout

    Improved application process with fast interaction,compatible with main brands of TPS system and LINAC,seamlessly data transfer.